Northern Fireplace and Pools

Reel Systems & Accessories

A wide choice of durable, convenient, and attractive reel systems to meet every need...  

The Wheels Reel System features large 20" (51 cm) wheels which easily roll over virtually any surface. These specially designed wheels, makes moving the reel system away from the pool effortless.

Designed to fit most in-ground pools 12' to 20' (3.6m to 6.1m) wide and up to 40' (12.1m) long.

Each end is fitted with a handle so winding the solar cover may be done from either side of the pool.

Rolls on any surface, with large wheels. 

Wide track bearings for easy cover handling.

Available with Silver Guard Finish or mill tubes.

    The Blanket Handler Reel System is designed with many convenient features and is constructed for durability. The 'three way' end design makes the Blanket Handler the perfect fit for in-ground pools, and above ground pools with decking.

    Built to fit in-ground pools that are 12' to 20' (3.6m to 6.1m) wide and up to 40' (12.1m) long.

    Unique three way design enables stationary placement, fence or wall mounting, or mobility with the included easy lock casters.

    Easy lock casters provide stability.

    Convenient handles on both ends.

    Wide track bearings for easy cover rolling.

    Our Blanket Handler XL meets the needs of larger pools, with its heavy duty engineering and our larger 4" (10.2cm) tubes.

    Fits pools with a width up to 25' (7.6m) wide and 50' (15.24m) long.

    Tubes are Feherguard's unique, patented Rib-Locking System, for added strength and durability.

    Attractive Silver Guard anodized finish reduces tarnishing, for years of excellent wear.

    High Density Polyethylene with UV inhibitors, provides strength and  protects the bright white colour.

    3" heavy duty locking casters for easy movement inside LC25 Tubeset.

    Heavy duty wide track roller bearings for easier blanket roll-up.

    The Low Profile In-ground Reel System is engineered for placement under Diving Boards. The design solves many of the problems that limit the use of higher profile reels. The unique aspect of our Low Profile System is its capacity that will meet many residential Solar Reel needs.

    Designed to fit rectangular pools 14'8' to 20' wide by 40' long (4.47m    to 6.07m wide by 12.2m long) with up to 6" (15.24cm) radius corners.

    Readily stores under diving boards with an existing 10" (25.4cm) of clearance.

    A 40' (12.2m) solar cover rises about 8" (20.3cm) over the deck  level.

    Tubes are anodized with Silver Guard Finish to reduce tarnishing.

    Commercial Reels can be used on any shape or size of commercial pool and are offered in both Single Tube and Dual Tube Models (may require multiple reels)
    • Dual Bearings per frame give a smooth solar blanket roll up

    • 36” high white frames are made of structured aluminum

    • Simple assembly

    • Stainless Steel hardware for maintenance free use

    • Heavy Duty aluminum tubes designed to handle heavy loads

    • 4” heavy duty locking casters for mobility are included

    • Able to roll over diving boards up to 19” from deck

    • One year Warranty

    Easy to use solar cover reels that exceed expectations and are easily installed.

    Designed for above ground pools without full decking

    Both of our revolutionary new Surface Rider Reel Systems, roll up the solar blanket as it 'rides' on the surface of the water. This design offers one-person operation, portability, and performance.

    The Surface Rider is designed to fit most above ground pools 13'4" to 24" s (4.1m to 7.3 m) diameter, while the Surface Rider II fits tubular rail pools of the same dimensions.

    No pool attachment required.

    Unique end designs makes the reel completely portable.

    Complete system lifts off, leaving the pool top clear.

    Special swivel feature allows for easy movement during removal.

    Surface Rider features Mill Finish Tubes.

    Designed for Tubular Rail Pools

      Our Premium Above Ground Reel System is reliable and easy to use

      Designed to fit most above ground pools 13'4" to 30' (4m to 9.1m) diameter.

      Wide track bearing for smooth turning.

      Added convenience of handles at both ends.

      Easy "lift-off and Swing" design makes it possible for one person to remove the solar blanket.

      Tubes feature Silver Guard or Mill finish tubes.


      Holds up to 50 feet of
      1 1/2" Vacuum Hose









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