Northern Fireplace and Pools

In-pool Steps

The Royal Entrance


Add style to your above-ground pool while improving safety! Compact and practical, The Royal Entrance walk-in stair is specially designed to adapt to varying pool floor levels. What’s more, its two anchored handrails give The Royal Entrance added stability. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that the fence installed under the stair ensures safety while providing ballast. For pools without decks, get the outside ladder attachment. These great features make The Royal Entrance an incredible value.

The Festiva

Lumi-O innovates with a new generation of pool steps based on its existing steps. The Festiva is the result of several years of development. Economical and practical, It is easy to install and adapts easily to pool bottom variation. Its slip-resistant surface also ensures greater safety. The Festiva is the best choice when it comes to a good quality-price ratio.

The Oasis


Let the shell design of the Oasis steps remind you of Southern surroundings! Specially designed for existing stepless in ground swimming pools, The Oasis lets you update your pool at a low cost. Its durable handrails offer a great look and more importantly ensure safety. With The Oasis, your summers will never be the same!

The Majestic

Add a luxurious touch to your above ground pool with our spacious wedding cake style step: The Majestic. Designed with one solid P VC handrail, a front-loading ballast and our pa tented step cup system, the Majestic step will be sure to please the entire family.

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