Northern Fireplace and Pools



Hot Tub Specifications
Estimated Energy Consumption $16.98 (75°F / 24°C) | $37.72 (45°F / 7°C)*
Seats 8 Adults
Jets 56 Jet and 65 Jet Models Available
Dimensions 335 x 234 x 101.5 cm
  132 x 92 x 40”
Spa Volume 2574 L | 680 US Gal
Dry Weight 1649 lbs | 748 kg
Filled Weight 7327 lbs | 3323 kg
Pumps North America 56 Jet Model - 3x 5HP | 65 Jet Model - 3x 5HP Xtreme Super Flow Pumps
Pumps International 56 Jet Model - 2x 3HP SF | 65 Jet Model - 3x 5HP Xtreme Super Flow Pumps

*Monthly Cost - Model average energy consumption cost. Calculated with current global energy costs and based on hot tubs with average filtration cycles, common daily usage and stock equipment. For general reference only. Spa Equipment, features, upgrades, environment and duration/frequency of use can alter the provided energy costs.


Customize With More Features

Your hot tub should be able to fit your lifestyle. The below customizations are available to add onto your hot tub.

For each option you can click on "details" and get information and photos on all available options.

Elite Value Package

- Perimeter LED Lighting
- O3 One Ozone Generator
- Crystal Clear Ozone Chamber

Spa Care Package

- UV Sterilizer
- O3 One Ozone
- Crystal Clear Chamber
- Refresh Switch

Audio Package

- MP3 Bluetooth Docking Station with Remote (incl two flushmount speakers)
- Subwoofer

Supreme Audio Package

- Handsfree Sony Bluetooth Stereo w Remote and Microphone
- Four Retractable Speakers
- Xtreme Subwoofer

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