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Spa Sanitizers

Because hot water can be a friendly environment for bacteria to breed, owners must be constantly aware of the disinfectant residual.

Test strips are available to monitor this level. Capo offers various disinfecting methods. Bromine tablets, Chlorines: Granular or Tablet, Lithium and the two part Bromine Systems.


Spa Balancers

Water Balance, is important to the overall performance of your sanitizer.

Testing regularly with Test Strips is a must. Capo offers pH, alkalinity and calcium balancers to bring spa water into the desired range.

pH:- 7.2 – 7.6
Total Alkalinity: 80 – 150 ppm
Calcium Hardness: 150 – 280


Specialty Spa Products

Two People in a hot water spa is the equivalent of 150 people in a 20′ x 40′ pool.

Spa Water conditions can turn rapidly. Capo has formulated unique hot water specialty chemicals to correct and prevent water problems that may occur.



Q: Can I switch from a Chlorine disinfectant to Bromine?
A: Yes. You can switch from chlorine to bromine without draining your spa. (Consult your spa dealer.) You may also switch from Bromine to chlorine but the process is a little more intricate. (Again, please consult your spa dealer for details.)

Q: How accurate are Test Strips?
Test Strips are more than adequate for your backyard pool or spa. Commercial spas may require a greater need for accuracy in which case DPD testing should be used.

Q: Should I stabilize Bromine in a Pool or Spa?
No. Bromine cannot be stabilized.

Q: When should a SPA be drained?
The general formula is 1/3 X Gallons divided by number of bathers per day.i.e.: 1/3 X 300 divided by 2 = 50 days.If persistent problems exist, drain the SPA and start again.

Q: Can I use a non-chlorine pool shock in my spa?
A non-chlorine spa shock is buffered as to not affect the ph or total alkalinity. The non-chlorine pool shock will lower the pH and alkalinity if used.

Q: When I used pH Stable my water became cloudy. Why?
The pH Stable reacts to reduce calcium hardness. The calcium cloud will be filtered out and the filter should be cleaned. Ideally, pH Stable should be used when calcium hardness is less than 150ppm.

Q: If I have and ozonator do I need a sanitizer?
Yes. An ozonator is an effective oxidizer but there must be a chlorine residual of 1-2 ppm or a bromine residual of 3-5 ppm. An ozonator will make your chlorine/bromine last longer.

Q: When I open the cover of my spa, I tend to cough. Why?
You will usually detect the fumes of the disinfectant when removing the cover. If the residual of the disinfectant is high, fumes will build-up under the cover. If inhaled, the fumes could cause you to cough. X-it will reduce the disinfectant level.

Q: What sanitizer should I use in my spa, bromine or chlorine?
It is up to the bathers’ preference. Stabilized Chlorine has a stronger odour but is a very effective sanitizer, available in tablet or granular form. Bromine is less irritating to the skin, eyes and nose. Bromine is also an effective sanitizer in a combined form.

Q: How often should I shock my spa water?
A spa should be shocked after each use. If before entering the spa, no disinfectant is tested, shock to release the idle bromine or chlorine.

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