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Pool Products

Pool Sanitizers

To protect the swimmers health and water quality, Capo has available a complete line of sanitizers.

These consists of Stabilized Granular Tablets and Super Sticks, Chlorine Bromine Tablets, Lithium Hypochlorite and Calcium Hypochlorite Shock. All are stocked in various sized containers.


Pool Balancers

To ensure sanitizer is effective, your pool must be in balance.

Capo has the products to create ideal swimming pool water conditions.

pH: 7.2 – 7.6
Total Alkalinity: 80 – 150 ppm
Calcium Hardness: 150 – 280
Stabilizer: 30 – 50 ppm
Dissolved Solids:
than 500ppm



Specialty Pool Products

Neglect of a swimming pool or even nature’s harsh climatic conditions can create water imbalance.

This leads to cloudy water, metal staining or even the dreaded algae bloom. Capo has formulated unique specialty chemicals to correct even the most demanding problem.



Q: What is better to shock with, a chlorine shock or a non-chlorine shock?
A: Both have their advantages. A chlorine shock adds free chlorine to disinfect but you must add enough shock to eliminate the troublesome combined chlorine and clear the water. Wait 8 hours before swimming after a chlorine shock. A non-chlorine shock is easier on the vinyl liner and bathing suits. It can be used with chlorine or bromine. You can use the pool after 15 minutes. A chlorine shock kills algae, a non-chlorine shock does not.

Q: Why do I stabilize my pool?
A: If your pool is outdoors the sun’s rays will burn off the chlorine in 3-4 hours. Stabilizer effectively slows down this process.

Q: Should I stabilize Bromine in a Pool or Spa?
A: No. Bromine cannot be stabilized.

Q: When should I shock my pool?
A: Under normal conditions a pool should be shocked every 7-10 days. After heavy bathing or a rain storm a pool should be shocked. If the water is cloudy and the water irritates the swimmers eyes, it is time to shock.

Q: Can I switch from a chlorine disinfectant to bromine?
A: Yes. You can switch from chlorine to bromine without draining your pool. (Consult your pool dealer.) You may also switch from bromine to chlorine but the process is a little more intricate. (Again, please consult your dealer for details.)

Q: The town pool had a strong chlorine odour. Is there too much chlorine in it?
A: NO, not enough chlorine! A strong chlorine odour usually means combined chlorine. This is an ineffective sanitizer that creates cloudy water and irritates the swimmers eyes and skin. The water must be shocked.

Q: How accurate are Test Strips?
A: Test Strips are more than adequate for your backyard pool or spa. Commercial pools may require a greater need for accuracy in which case DPD testing should be used.


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