Northern Fireplace and Pools



                   Spa/Hot Water Care


                Your spa is a source of relaxation and enjoyment practised throughout the ages.  To get the most satisfaction out of your spa, the water must look clear, enticing and be free of bacteria.  Three important factors contributing to this are filtration, water balance and disinfection.

                    A jetted spa creates a mild massage, relieves stress and tension, and improves overall circulation.  Aches and pains disapppear as the warm swirling water relaxes your muscles after a hard day.

                    Each spa owner uses their spa for diffeerent reason, some more frequently than others.  This is a guide to spa water care.  You will personally get to know your spa and how water conditions can be controlled.







Swimming Pool Care


      Your swimming pool will offer years of leisure time and pleasure if you follow a few maintenance schedules.  A sparkling clean pool is a joy to use and a healthy recreation for the entire family.  In addition to keeping your pool free of leaves and other foreign materials that can cloud the water, you must maintain proper chemical balance to destroy bacteria and prevent the growth of algae. PoolBoss quality products properly applied will ensure a healthy pleasant pool.  Your PoolBoss dealer will be pleased to answer any questions regarding specific or unusual problems.




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