Northern Fireplace and Pools

Alterra CS1200





Standard Features
  • Metallic black cast iron door
  • Reversible cast iron door with removable handle
  • EPA certified
  • Mobile home & alcove approved
  • Closet clearances in the industry
  • Single rod draft control
  • Brick-lined firebox
  • Airwash system
  • Built-in top louver airmate
Optional Features
  • Side panels in black & stainless steel
  • Ash drawer
  • 2-speed blower
  • Outside air kit
  • Metallic black floor pad
Specifications CS1200  
Maximum BTU 55,000  
Typical sq ft heated 600-1200  
Efficiency 77.7%  
Maximum log size 18"  
Burn time (typical) up to 8hrs  
Emissions (grams/hr) 3g  
Firebox size 1.4 cu ft  
Flue size 6"

CS1200 Manual


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