Northern Fireplace and Pools

Liberty Large Gas Fireplace


Standard Features
  • Natural gas
  • Safety screen
  • Ceramic glass
  • Log set with embers
  • Fire grate
  • Accent lights
  • Flame height adjustment control
  • Proflame remote control
  • Electronic ignition with SureFire switch
  • Two stage burner
  • Limited lifetime warranty
Optional Features
  • Brick panels in a variety of colors and designs
  • Inner reflective panels in black enamel
  • Propane conversion kit
  • Vertical and horizontal vent terminations
  • Heat distribution kit
  • AstroCap venting system
Specifications Natural Gas Propane
Input (BTU) 48,000 48,000
Turn down to (BTU) 16,000 17,000
EnerGuide Rating (Canada only) 63% 63%
Efficiency (steady state) 79% 79%
Viewing area 965  
Width 36-13/16''  
Height 33-1/4''  
Depth 24''

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