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Tap into cool! What could possibly make an ultra-cool Northstar fridge even cooler? That’s right… fresh, cold draft beer!

You can order your Northstar fridge with a factory-installed BrewMaster draft system; including through-the-door tap dispenser, coupler, connections, CO2 cylinder, retro-flame splash plate and drip tray. Add a keg of your favorite brew, pull the tap, sit back and chill.

Keg and fittings can be removed to utilize full fridge functionality.


A BrewMaster draft system can be fitted to any of our Models 1950, 1951 and 1952 refrigerators. Simple instructions are provided for attaching the tap handle, couplings and tubing.

 Image result for retro keg fridge1950_30L

Model 1950 shown in Robin’s Egg Blue with factory-installed 1950-BREW BrewMaster system.

Model 1950 interior with 30 liter (1/4) keg.

  • Slim ¼ or 1/6 keg: right shelves removed; bottom crispers and left shelves can remain.
  • Standard ¼ keg: top shelves and bottom crispers can remain.


 Image result for retro keg fridge1951_30L

Model 1951 shown in Candy Red with factory-installed 1951-BREW BrewMaster system.

Model 1951 interior with 30 liter (1/4) keg.

  • Slim ¼ or 1/6 keg: crisper removed; top shelf can be placed on top ledge.


 Image result for retro keg fridge 1952 tap black1952_20L

Model 1952 shown in with factory-installed 1952-BREW BrewMaster system.

Model 1952 interior with 20 liter (1/6) keg.

  • Slim ¼ or 1/6 keg: top shelf can remain.
  • Standard ¼ keg: bottom crispers and top shelf can remain.
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