Northern Fireplace and Pools

Retro Hoods & Splashbacks

Hoods & Splashbacks

Northstar range hoods are available in outside-vent or recirculating models. They feature powerful but ultra-quiet four-speed operation and easy-clean removable baffle filters. Dual 3-watt LED lights provide excellent task lighting for your range top. Add a color-matched or complementary-colored splashback to visually tie your range and hood together.

Model 1962 Outside-vent Hood


Size: 29-3/4″W X 22″D X 6″H
Model 1962 (outside-vent) features a six-speed (280, 350, 420, 510, 610 & 720 cfm.) fan, and dual 3 Watt LED lights.


Model 1961 Recirculating Hood


Size: 29-3/4″W X 21-3/4/2″D X 5-7/8″H
Model 1961 (recirculating) features a six-speed (150, 190, 230, 280, 340 & 400 cfm.) fan, and dual 3 Watt LED lights.


Model 1960 Duct Cover Kit

For wall-mounted range hoods (no cabinets above the hood), you will want to order the Northstar Model 1960 Duct Cover Kit. This 11-13/16″ wide, two-piece telescoping cover expands vertically (21” to 41”) to fill the space between the top of the hood and the ceiling, and hides the top of the hood and the vent pipe (on 1962 model). Mounting hardware included.


Model 1944 Splashback

Complete your Northstar color statement with the easy-clean Model 1944 Splashback. Mounts easily on the back wall between the range and hood – protects against splashes and stains. Comes complete with mounting tape and chrome side strips.

Dimensions: 29-3/4″ wide x 32″ high.

(Can be installed with or without chrome strips.)

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